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LLC Formation

LLC Formation

We’ve formed LLCs for all manner of clients from manufacturers to Internet companies to real estate investors. No matter what you’re doing with an LLC, you need an experienced hand to guide you through the process, or risk losing the great protections afforded by an Ohio LLC.

I quote flat fees for most of my LLC clients. Please feel free to inquire with your specific needs and I will respond promptly.

Please also review my legal advice and engagement policy prior to inquiring with a request for legal advice.

Here are just a few of the services I provide with respect to your LLC:

  • Comprehensive, custom operating agreement tailored to your business structure
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Estate planning provisions¬†for your LLC
  • International tax planning advice
  • Drafting and recording of deeds to the LLC

LLC Resolutions

Whenever you buy or sell a property through your LLC, the bank or title company will likely ask you for a “resolution.” This document, with the signatures of all (or a majority) of the members, memorializes a vote or activity that the LLC has decided to undertake. Carson Law Firm can prepare a resolution for you, or a blank resolution template is available in our Web Store.

LLC Operating Agreement Amendments

Sometimes your LLC’s needs change after you and your partners have signed an operating agreement. Carson Law Firm can help you modify your operating agreement pursuant to its terms and make certain that the result is legally enforceable.